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Welcome to RBerthelette.com
Many things that we do in life are very repetitive or time consuming. Sometimes we don't do them the same way each time and introduce mistakes and inconsistencies. The human race is always striving to do things better and faster. However, it is ironic how we forget that philosophy in our own lives both at home and work. I specialize in helping people and businesses automate those necessary yet mundane tasks.

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Pittsfield Recycle Center News Interview

Latest News
Nolan and I being interviewed by Channel 2 News at the Pittsfield Town Recycling Center.
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Nolan attended a Patriot's football mini-camp. You can seem him here, on the local news, doing some drills. Click Here For Full View
Fisher Project Latest Project
I recently developed a course planning application for Fisher College. This saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each semester.
Technology Recently, I interviewed Ray, father of a tech-savvy family to ask him about the digital challenges of his busy crew.
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